Advice for Puppy Buyers

Mini wire dachshunds are delightful, happy dogs and no prospective owner should be put off owning one when it is relatively easy to find a puppy that is not at risk. The more puppy buyers who are informed and ask the right questions, then the more dogs will be tested. As with any other puppy, do your research and:

  1. buy only known status puppies.
  2. do not avoid buying carrier pups – they will NOT develop the condition. Breeders have a responsibility to avoid narrowing the gene pool further by only breeding clear/clear, as this may result in introducing other inherited conditions.
  3. do not accept a breeder’s word that ‘they have never seen Lafora in their dogs. The only way to guarantee a dog will not develop Lafora is through breeding ‘safe’ combinations. Ask to see test certificates and use the WHDC public database to check the status of the puppy’s parents.
  4. Read the excellent DachsFacts sheet from the Dachshund Breed Council:  Lafora and    Information for Potential Dachshund Owners
  5. Look out for our new Lafora Pioneer Breeders Scheme, coming soon!


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