Teenage Lafora

Whilst those of us with dogs affected by Lafora know the impact this disease can have on our beloved pets, the impact on a teenage human and their parents is almost impossible to contemplate.

Read about John, a teenager in Jersey here: BBC news story, find out about ongoing research into the disease here: Chelsea’s Hope

If you would like to make a difference, then read the request below from Alice, the mother of John in Jersey:

Hi everyone

With Christmas looming round the corner i  just wanted to remind you all if you would please  consider booking flights/holidays etc through the Go and Donate site which has been set up in Jersey to help Jersey Charities.  IT DOES NOT COST A PENNEY TO YOURSELF. All you would be doing is using a different search engine rather than say google or some of the other ones which are popular. It is a FANTASTIC chance to help charities raise funds through NO CHARGE TO YOURSELF, especially as everyone is struggling at the moment.

I recently received a cheque from GoandDonate for Hope For John for £115 and it did not cost anyone anything!!!

www.Goanddonate.com is the local community website where users can chose to donate 80% of the commission they receive (GoandDonate that is) from the merchants on their site.  This commission is paid to GoandDonate out of the merchants own pocket and does not result in any increase in costs of the purchase or booking made through the links, therefore the cost is exactly the same as would have been paid if the user had gone straight to the merchants site.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to register and choose your charity which I am begging that you all choose HOPE FOR JOHN. Please pass this to everyone you know and ask that they too choose Hope for John when booking/purchasing anything.

The site has lots of new merchants added to it now, including the “High Street” with big shop names like M & S, British Home Stores, House of Fraser, Freemans and Next Catalogues, MandmDirect, Boots and lots and lots more.

Thank you all so much. It will make a big difference and go a long way to raising the much needed funds to help find a cure for Lafora Body Disease.

You can also register in the UK as well, but can only choose a Jersey Charity.

Thank you all so much for your help.  The website is www.goanddonate.com

Thanks a million.
Alice x

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