Supportive MWHD Breeders

More and more mini wirehair dachshunds are being tested for Lafora, but under the terms of the WHDC Lafora Programme Scheme, the anonymity of their owners is protected by default. We on the other hand think that:

  1. they deserve a great big thank you for getting involved. If they are happy for others to know that they have submitted dogs for testing, then they should have an opportunity to publicise that fact.
  2. Prospective puppy buyers have a right to know who had demonstrated a personal committment to getting rid of this vicious disease.

Note to Puppy Buyers:

Buying a puppy from a breeder who has submitted dogs for testing does not yet guarantee that it will not be affected. Neither does buying a puppy that is ‘not affected’ indicated that it is ‘clear’ of the disease and therefore it should not be used for breeding unless it itself is tested. Having said all that, the chances of a mini wire hair dachshund being affected by Lafora or another genetic condition are much higher if you buy from a breeder that has not demonstrated their committment to health and welfare by taking part in all current health testing programmes for their breed

There is great advice on buying a dachshund available at, but if you are buying a mini wire, don’t forget to ask whether the breeder is taking part in lafora testing, and ask them about the status of the sire and dam…. and don’t assume that the breeder who says that they have never had lafora in their dogs as often they aren’t actually told that pups they have bred have gone on to develop the condition – the only way to find out is to get involved in testing.

Database of Breeders supporting Lafora Testing publicly.

The breeders below have confirmed that they are happy to have their details shown on this site. Most good breeders only occasionally have puppies for sale. If you are a breeder and would like to be included, please contact, including your name, website details and the names of dogs that you have submitted for testing.

Kennel name Website or email Name
Angleholm Marie Adams
Araedan Rebecca Settle
Emem Mandy and Phil Dance
Lesandnic Lesley Patten
Samlane Nora and Paul Price
Waldmeister Bernd Kugow and Sue Holt

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  1. you may put any one who would like info regarding Lafora’s as having three myself a number of years ago, I have had a lot of experience, I only have 3 now, all over the age of 8 and thank fully none with Lafora’s I am the present moment not wanting another min wire until we can know the status on the disease, and that i know i can have and/or use a clear dog.

    This is a excellent site and would like to congratulate you on the info you put forward, the videos especially of Alfie bring it home to me how mine were as they got older. I think more people should see the affect it has on the dogs as i feel some people dont think it will happen to them, but it might

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