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  1. Lesley Scott says:

    Hi my vet has suggested not only a low carb diet but also the use of antioxidents? What do you think?



    Webmaster response: Antioxidants are believed to help support and improve brain function, so it is certainly good advice, but be wary of proprietory prescription diets because many have a high proportion of cereals and therefore starch, which for obvious reasons is not a good idea for a condition where the key cause of the symptoms is an inability to properly metabolise it.

  2. Inam says:


    I’m a vet student, writing about Lafora disease in the dog. I’ve just starting digging but haven’t had too much luck with references. Does also deal with other breeds or is it mostly dachhounds. It would be great to get some feedback from you on the matter!


  3. Sally Minns says:

    I have enjoyed dachshund’s for my entire life (62 yrs) and I have an 11 yr old mini smooth who is exhibiting symptoms
    exactly that match Lafora disease. We live in South Australia and have had blood tests for for all known problems but all have returned good. Not tested for Myoclonus or lafora. He definitely has this I am sure after reading all on the web site

  4. hi Sally, thanks for your comment. I haven’t come across any confirmed diagnosis of Lafora in mini smooth dachshunds but the condition can affect any breed of dog so it is possible. Your best bet is to get in touch with Berge Minassian in Canada and submit samples for testing. He much prefers blood to saliva samples. I will email you separately.

    Best wishes, Gill, website administrator.

  5. Heidi Barker says:

    Looking into low carb diets and have found a few brands that are available in the UK from Canada.

    do you think this would be suitable? A lot of the food that is grain free contains potato but this seems to just use steel cut oats.
    They do a fish one also but has potato.

    (my dog is going to be tested this month but changing her diet anyway just in case)

  6. Hi Heidi, form my research, the key seems to be to avoid grain, and that would include oats, to be on the safe side. Potato is a starch but it is a different type fo starch and seems to be easier to break down. At the moment that’s the only advice I can give you. i’m not a vet but I have spoken to Veterinary Nurritionists and that seems to be the best option … or go for a BARF/raw diet and that way you can control the intake even more carefully.

    Good luck with the testing this month.

  7. Lesley says:

    I create my own little (Maggie meals) I call them. They are either chicken and non root veggies or fish and non root veggies. Maggie has been on this diet for 2 years now and is doing great. Mind you she is only 4 1/2. I also give her the supplement Nupafeed.

    I was so so glad to hear that they are starting to do some work into treating the symptoms. I know a treatment could be years away but it is a glimmer of hope.

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