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Laforadogs LogoWhat is the website about?

  •     The information on this website focuses on Lafora in Mini Wire Dachshunds. There’s a good reason for this: Since the 2010 controlled tests on the variety, it has emerged that up to 10% of the variety might be affected, and therefore a high proportion of dogs will also be carriers. However,  we are aware that other breeds also have incidence of Lafora and we hope you will find the website useful and find that much of it applies to you and your dog. Do let us know your experiences and we’ll do our best to add information to the website.

Who are We?

Good question! Most of our our group currently own or have owned Lafora affected miniature wire hair dachshunds,  (like Gill, the webmaster of this site – see below for a mugshot with Alfie, the original inspiration for this website – read his story here . Sadly, Alf lost his fight with Lafora in May 2012, but over time hopefully his legacy will be that no more dogs will be affected by this horrendous conditon. Some of our group may have Lafora affected or carrier miniature wire hair dachshunds, but don’t yet know until they are tested and some don’t even have mini wires, but  support our aims, either because they love dachshunds as a breed or know dogs affected by Lafora. Some of our dogs are or were pets, and some of the dogs are or were owned by active and responsible breeders.

What unites us all is a wish to help in any way that we can in order to minimise the impact of this dreadful condition.

We support of the UK Wirehair Dachshund Club and Dachshund Breed Council’s controlled testing programme. and anticipate that in time this will help eliminate this distressing condition and ensure the best possible health and quality of life for these delightful little dogs.

Why Laforadogs?

You can find out more about our aims and how we hope to achieve them here: Laforadogs Aims

What is Laforadogs doing?

It may be too late to help Alfie and other affected dogs, and owners of affected dogs are very cautious about having another Mini Wire.

Members of Laforadogs are helping with work towards the eventual eradication of this condition from the mini wire dachshund population, including via this site, which we hope will help with publicizing the testing programme amongst other pet owners, breeders and others who regularly show their dogs. You can help by printing off details of the Dach-Facts leaflet, taking part in the current testing programme and telling any friends with mini wires about the disease and why it is important that they too take part in the testing.







Want to Find Out More?

  1. If you’d like to join our Laforadogs Support Group, help with fundraising, publicity or in any other way, contact us on laforadogs@btinternet.com
  2. Check out the various Facebook dachshund related groups: Dachshunds Anonymous, All for Wirehaired Dachshunds etc.
  3.  www.dachshundforum.co.uk to talk to other dachshund lovers about Lafora disease and a whole host of other topics!

 With thanks to Joy and numerous other members of the Dachshund Forum for their help and advice in setting up this website; Fay and Laura who have been there before and been willing to say so; members of the Wirehair Dachshund Club and other breed clubs who have backed the campaign in so many ways;  and last but not least, Ian Seath of the Dachshund Breed Council, without whom we’d never have got this off the ground.

Gill and Alf Jan 2010

Gill Key and Alfie

On behalf of all Laforadogs and their owners, whether they be members of our support group or not (yet!) :-)

Thank you for taking the time to read this site.


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