Living with Lafora

Laforadogs LogoWhen Lafora dog owners contact me, one of the most common first questions I am asked is ‘is there a cure for Lafora?’

The answer, sadly, is no, but there are many things you can do to help your dog, ranging from conventional drug treatments, diet, avoidance or reduction of trigger situations through to holistic and homeopathic approaches.

Just what you choose depends on you and your dog – what works for one dog doesn’t work for another. What suits one owner doesn’t sit comfortably with another. For example, the picture above is of my dog Alf in Doggles – but many dogs would not tolerate them ….. and neither would some owners!

Dog in doggles

Alfie Modelling Goggles

From this page, use the drop down menus to find a growing library of information on the background to Lafora and its management once diagnosed. Read the heartbreaking stories of real Laforadogs at Blogs on Dogs . Read more about coping with symptoms, read about drug treatments - both conventional and homeopathic, and find out more about the part that dietary changes may play in controlling the progress of the condition.

To find out how to get your dog tested and why it is so important, the genetics behind it, the fascinating story of how lafora dachshunds helped into research into the fatal human form of the disease, what’s happening right now, go to our About Lafora section.

Some information is reproduced with permission from some of the other excellent websites including those specialising in canine epilepsy, dietary regimes etc (see our links page ).

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