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Blogs on Dogs gives owners the chance to tell everyone what they and their dogs have gone through and in many cases are still coping with. We hope that sharing these experiences will help others in the same situation and explain why eliminating this terrible condition is so important.

If you have a story like Alfie‘s and the other dogs  then why not tell us about it. Email


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  1. Laura Sexton says:

    Hi folks,
    Just a quick note to say congratulations a great site , so well done! For those that don’t know me heres a short introduction – I’ve bred and owned the “MOLLONEY” mini wires for 27 years with mum ( Anne Knight) now sadly passed away but she would be proud of this site and the positive move forward. We’ve lived with several dogs with lafora’s and because the way the disease progresses have unfortunately bred a few too! But hopefully with the help of a DNA test we will be able to eliminate this distructive disease. It is however up to everyone to co-operate and encourage as many people as possible to get their dogs tested. So heres a start to a brighter future. I’m always available for a chat on coping with lafora’s, even if its just to listen !
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Laura Sexton

  2. Teresa Westcott says:

    My precious miniature (must have had some wire in her) just passed away last week. She was 14 years old and only started showing symptoms Sept 09. It was a devastating disease that was not diagnosed. I spent literally THOUSANDS on brain scans, spinal taps, blood tests etc. A&M Vet clinic in Texas, and two other vets all kept telling me she had idiopathic seizures. They did not know about Lafora’s disease. I found the exact symptoms of head jerking and such on the internet for Humans and kept asking them to check into it. Only after she died last week did I look it up again – Lafora;s and find that it was diagnosed in dachsunds and basset hounds.

    I am working in Afghanistan due to the economy in the states and had to leave her on my last R&R with my mother. I knew when I saw her last that she wasnt going to last much longer. She was on regiment of Phenobaritol and PB. All of it was too much for her organs and in the end her heart gave out. She was urinating almost every 30 minutes so she was exhausted to say the least.

    I have videos of the episodes that occured about every 15 to 20 seconds – head jerking, ataxia, blinking of the eyes like she was being startled… etc. I wish I had known that she was sensitive to lights, blinking lights, noise, sound etc.. My poor baby. Just breaks my heart talking about it. Mom had to put her down and I wasn’t there for her (Cupcake). I have had dachsunds all my life and she was the most special one EVER. Why did it have to happen to her. She loved KIDS, the ball, her food… She was vivacious but respectful and never ever a problem child.

    When I get back to the states to my hard drive that has all of that video on it I will be happy to contribute.

    Thank you.

  3. Hello,
    my Name is Alexandra, from Germany, Hamburg, and my Beagle Dog Lilly got the diagnosis: Lafora disease. Her first grand mal was on 04.03.2010 – there she was 61/2 years old. Since that day we are searching, for what she is having – because I couldn’t believe, that it is “only” Epilepsy… she had the same myoclonus as your dogs – every evening between 20:00 and 22:00h. Flickering light (including television) makes her getting a lot of myoclonus. All the Veterinary I visited didn’t believe me. Everybody wants to increase the Phenobrabital – but I won’t. Now I went to the Animal University of Hannover – and they believed!!!! Now she get’s ‘Zonegran’ and it works. I hope for a long time.

    I am very interested in this disease and looking for other dogs with this disease in Germany, Switzerland or Austria – because my English is not so good…

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