Daisy’s Diet

Thank you to Pat Debley, who is such a friend of Laforadogs, for submitting this article. Pat’s little dog Daisy has suffered with full blown fits for some months now, but Pat is determined to keep her off medications as long as she can, so she has taken advice from a holistic vet, as well as doing extensive research on the internet and as a result, has come up with a diet which seems to suit Daisy. Since putting her on this regime, although she has had one fit, she seemed to suffer less after-effects and has generally been more like her old self.


Daisy - Lafora DogDaisy’s Diet

Before being diagnosed with Lafora’s, I had been feeding Daisy Burns mini-bites with lightly steamed vegetables.  She had a few little treats when I went out, or in the evening.

I began her new feeding regime with a bag of Hill’s bd, as recommended by the neurologist, Dr Clare Rusbridge.  Unfortunately Daisy was sick after the first few meals and then would not eat it at all.

I bought some fresh meat which I gave her with a small amount of the Hill’s broken up into small pieces. (Very hard to break up).  She accepted this and it did not disagree with her.  Over the next few weeks I gradually decreased the meat (or liver) and increased the Hill’s.  After about three weeks I had weaned her off the meat entirely.

I grate her vegetables as recommended by another mini-wire owner as dogs are unable to break down the cellulose in their digestive system.   I give her approx two ounces per day.  Grating vegetables can be difficult, but I am currently grating sufficient for 6/7 days in a food processor and freezing daily rations.

 For treats I either used small cubed carrots or dehydrated liver pieces or Daisy’s Cakes

She also has 1 squirt of Viacutan daily, and a teaspoon of hemp seed oil weekly.

The only problem I found was that she began to put on weight, due in some part to the higher fat content in Hills bd compared with Burns. I am unable to let her run free in fields any longer as this has twice triggered a fit, so less exercise has also contributed to her weight gain.

I recently was recommended to try Orijen foods.  These are gluten free and have recently won awards.  After consulting Dr Rusbridge, I have changed Daisy to Orijen Senior.  I am feeding her the minimum amount, with vegetables and treats as above.


Thanks Pat!


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