Lafora Specific Information: detailed description of Lafora including characteristic signs, video of myoclonic dog, background and treatment growing database of results of lafora testing in UK link to website supporting teenagers with the devastating and fatal human form of the disease. The reason we will shortly have genetic tests for Lafora in mini wires is because of the original Canadian research done to identify the gene in humans. If your dog is affected with this disease, you may wish to consider donating to this worthy cause. (I’m trying to find out if there is an equivalent fund in the UK)

General interest in dachshunds: The health pages of the Dachshund Breed Council, the overarching organisation across all Dachshund Clubs, working together to improve the health and welfare of the breed. Take part in health surveys, report a death or record any other health issues

Dachshund Breed Council - as above. Find information on buying, breeding, showing and judging Dachshunds, and much, much more. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date on the latest.; great forum for advice from a community of pet owners and breeders; the overarching UK club for all dachshund varieties. Receive newsletters and details of forthcoming events and shows – club for all UK Standard Wire and Mini Wire owners we encourage owners of all dachshunds to report any health conditions, including Lafora as this information is invaluable for the Dachshund Breed Council’s role in  monitoring and research on health and welfare. - Useful and well laid out website run by a dachshund enthusiast. Also has own forum.

General information about canine epilepsy – uk information site about canine epilepsy, mainly for vets, but also useful info for owners owner run US based information site about canine epilepsy, includes variety of articles, some reproduced on this site with kind permission of site owners and email list/forum – another US based information site about canine epilepsy. Excellent information on drug therapies and other management techniques. - the Phyllis Croft Foundation for Canine Epilepsy. UK based organisatation which supports owners and provides ‘support reassurance and understanding that comes from having first hand knowledge of what iti is like to own a dog with canine epilepsy’.

Summary of Elsa Beltran (Animal Health Trust) session at the  Dachshund Breed Council Breed Conference April 2012 on Epilepsy and Lafora:

Diet forum for owners wishing to feed a raw diet – some owners believe it does reduce severity of symptoms

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