Would you like to help beat Lafora? Here’s how:

Dr Berge Minassian of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children is the world’s leading authority on Human Lafora. He also has an interest in Canine Lafora and has worked closely with the UK WHDC Lafora Testing Team to develop a reliable full spectrum canine blood test.

Excitingly, Dr. M’s team are exploring several possible treatments for both Human and Canine sufferers.  Read a ‘non-medical language’ explanation here. Medical research is expensive and the current work on Lafora is no exception. If you’d like to help, here’s how:

  1. When you apply to have a dog tested through the WHDC testing scheme, complete the donation section on the form
  2. Contact Laforadogs via
  3. Buy Daisy or Bertie Scarves …. watch this space!


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